Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Size: 30 sq. m

​Status: Completed

Year of completion: 2015

The project features an interior design of a small organic food store in Sofia, Bulgaria. Located in an old house in the center of the city, it is a part of a Homeopathic Medical Clinic. The space has an individual access through a small courtyard. The investor’s main concern was the lack of storage area, needed for the future shop.

As the building itself is an interesting house, built in 1908, we decided to approach the task as delicately as possible. The mosaic at the entrance was partially restored, original wooden flooring was sanded and later sealed. Our main aim was to take advantage of the unusual height of the space, by creating a raised podium, made from OSB boards. That way, we could optimize the shopping space and create a decent storage area underneath.

The second problem was to find a way to prevent the wooden flooring from wearing off. We realized the constant flow of people, coming from outside puts wood’s appearance in danger. We wanted to stain the flooring by using a method, more reliable than usual varnish. This is why we decided to apply epoxy raisin, generally used for industrial floors. The same method was used to seal the OSB podium, thus creating a more intransitive appearance. Drawers underneath serve as both storage and extended seating area, when necessary.

In order not to spoil the building’s facade, we decided to put all the advertisement at the inside of the space. An entrance area was defined by making a vertical garden, contrasting to the mosaic’s bright colors.

That way, the visitor’s path through the shop was organised in a predefined sequence. Once entered through the representative area with the vertical garden and advertisement, they find themselves overlooking at the raised podium. Naturally, they would go over it and find themselves at the end of the way, in front of the cash desk. We wanted to create a setup, that would almost unconsciously guide visitors through the shop, and in a certain way … we did. 

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