PH 08

The building is the first single-family house in Sofia, build in accordance with Passive House standard. The house follows the ideology of clean, fine lines, living comfort, precision of details and technology. The black and white design is a manifestation of simplicity and purity.

The house consumes ten times less energy than a standard house. It has its own source of water for domestic use and automated waste-water treatment plant, also solar system for heating the domestic hot water, providing hot water for almost all year round, constantly fresh filtered air in every corner of the house.

The rooftop terrace provides unexpected panoramic view of Sofia town, Vitosha and Stara Planina Mountain, space for contemplation, serenity and observation.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Size: 230 sq.m

​Status: completed

Year of completion: 2016

Investor: Passive House Bulgaria Ltd.

in cooperation with arch. Vanya Draganova

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