The OOOO project for an apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria from SOVA is realized in the summer of 2018. The design carries the spirit of the Bauhaus movement, originating in the beginning of the 20th century, whose thematic represents style and expresses the individuality with the define imagery of fine geometry.

The precise positioning of textile wainscoting aims to create corners of comfort within the uniform space for daily living and leisure.


The geometrical theme inhabits all scenes of the daily life – living room, bath, wc, children’s room and bedroom. The color pallet of the bedrooms are in line with the theme of the leisure corners, while in the bathroom a more settle sense of neutrality and esthetic cleanliness is pursued.

In the uniform space of the living room а potential for differentiation between different functional corners is unveiled. The leisure tv corner with soft seating is emphasized with static screens, upholstered with soft alcantar type of textile. This contributes to the overall feeling of comfortable touch and quiet ambience.

With the same method a classic dining space is created with a large round table right next to the kitchen. The kitchen itself is enclosed with a dynamic upholstered screen, allowing opening trough sliding. This allows for no interference between the kitchen and the leisure space, giving them each the freedom to follow their own rhythm.

In both bedrooms, that cannot rely on the wide façade space in the same way as the living room, more light is captured by equipping the opposite to the light walls with glass surfaces. These reflective surfaces have the additional effect of doubling all themed geometry. As in the leisure space of the living room the wall behind the bed is covered with alcantar type of upholstery. This solution contributes both to the subjective feeling of coziness and the objective thermal and sound comfort in the room.


The large bathroom for fills not only its utilitarian function, but also sets the tone of style and delicacy, that resonate with its primary meaning as a place for sustaining ones beauty and vision. The focus is set on the individual, therefore large mirrors and adjustable lights are being utilized. In the narrow space of the separate wc room niches are being created to upgrade the usable storage space. The pointing light mirror once again marks the emphasis on the individual.


SOVA’s design gives path for the Bauhaus themed esthetics in every scene of the home and allows for the geometric imagery to be a part of all interior elements in accordance with their mission to ensure coziness and comfort for the inhabitants.